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BikeLatch is the easiest way to quickly store your bike.


Park your bike vertically in a space-efficient manner.


Other than upside down from the ceiling, parking a bike vertically is the most space efficient means.  The problem with from the ceiling or vertically with hooks is that you need to lift the entire bike to hang it.  That can be difficult for heavier bikes like electrics or for children to lift.  


Park your bike fast and get going.


Grab you handlebars and lift the front wheel up so you are rolling on just the back wheel.  With the bike vertical, roll the front wheel into the BikeLatch.  Hear it click and it is secure.  To release, push forward and it will click out and you're ready to go.  It is adjustable for different tire widths 1.25" to 3.25".  There's a hook for your helmet too.


Thanks for the BikeLatch dad, now I don’t need help putting my bike away.
— Nolan, age 9
Thanks BikeLatch, now my kids put their bikes away and I can walk through my garage.
— Erik, organizational enthusiast
I commute every day, well maybe not in the winter or if its raining, or under 50 degrees but pretty much every day. This is the best way to get in and out quickly.
— Geoff, casual commuter
The BikeLatch is perfect for my electric bike which is too heavy to lift up on hooks and hangers. I mounted my charger right next to it too.
— Andrea, faster on the bike path
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Everyone in the family better have the BikeLatch