How do I install it?

The BikeLatch comes with two large screws to fasten to a wall stud.  The top of the BikeLatch should be horizontal to the center of your front wheel when the bike is vertical.  


Will this work for my fat tire bike?

The maximum tire width is 3.25".  A heavy duty and wide BikeLatch for fat tire is coming in the future. 


Will it work with my carbon wheels?

BikeLatch will work with carbon wheels as long as the wheel and tire is not more than 2.75" deep.  So a lot of triathlon bikes with $1000 wheels won't work in BikeLatch.


Why is my bike crooked when I park it?

If the back wheel of the bike isn't directly below the front wheel location in the BikeLatch, it will park crooked.  Put a strip of tape on the floor where the wheel should be to use as a runway to guide in straight.